Amandelbult Ready Mix are geared to be a World Class supplier of construction services.

To be World Class, we have adopted a few World Class business practises. Our business and the service that we deliver is based on those practises.

The 5 main pillars on which we are focussing is:

  • Quality: From the time a client makes contact with us and right through the whole process, we are focussed on giving quality service and quality products. A well maintained quality assurance program monitors all processes and adjustments are constantly made to ensure we deliver on – Quality.
  • Speed: Keeping to a programme is key to any construction project. We pride ourselves on speedy, but accurate, service delivery. Our promise is that you will get what you need, on time, every time.
  • Cost: The third key element to the success of any project is cost. By paying attention to quality together with sticking to the program, the cost component will automatically be positively influenced. Our promise is expanded – you will get what you need, first time, on time, every time.
  • Morale: Happy staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders goes a long way in producing quality work, that is on schedule, and within budget. We pride ourselves in building long, lasting and sustainable relationship with everybody in the value chain. We thrive on happy customer and stakeholder experiences.
  • Safety: It is our aim to ensure that all of the above happens in a safe environment for all. Safety is non negotiable, as is compliance to the various safety acts and regulations. If it is not safe, then we will explore all avenues to make it safe. Our promise is further expanded – you will get what you need, first time, on time, every time, safely.

Please feel free to let us know, if we have not kept to our promise in any way. We will investigate, adjust, and improve as required. World Class Companies are always changing – improving!

Write to for any queries you might have.